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Board of Directors

Board Members for the 2022-2023 season

President: Kevin Carrier 229-3281

Vice-President: Ian Girard 378-0148

Secretary: Stéphanie Friolet 874-4498

Treasurer: Serge LeBlanc 866-9495

Executive director: Christian Bossé 382-9293

Technical Director: Serge Bourgeois 962-8535

Director of Officiating: Jean-Guy Richard 869-0504

Coordinator of «C» Teams: Allain Savoie 224-0005

Coordinator of «AA-A-B» Teams: Lenny Boudreau 850-3020

Coordinator of Female Hockey: Isabelle Girouard 204-7783

Coordinator of Coaching Development Programs: Glenn Robichaud 227-9368

Coordinator of Player Development Programs: Dominic Noel 380-9289

Coordinator of Goaltending Development Programs:  Adrien Lemay 229-5061

Coordinator of Communications: Patricia Turcotte  871-0090

Coordinator of Equipment: Denis Vautour 874-4775

Coordinator U7 Division: Amy Boudreau 227-8240

Coordinator U9 Division: Luc Roy 380-8303

Coordinator U11 Division: Bruno Godin 850-8294

Coordinator U13 Division : Elisabeth Richard 866-2999

Coordinator U15 Division : Marco Ferron  531-7929

Coordinator U18 Division : Mike Stott 961-8371

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