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2016-17 SCHEDULE 

Midget Coordinator: Serge LeBlanc

The next ice times for the Midget C group are Friday evening at 7:45pm or 9pm, as well as Sunday afternoon at 4:45pm or 6 pm. 

Three additional games are added to above ice times:

Team 8 vs 7 - Monday Oct 16 at 8:15 pm - Memramcook

Team 6 vs 5 - Monday Oct 16 at 9 pm - Olymique

Team 5 vs 8 - Tuesday Oct 17 at 9:15 pm – AJL




For midget recreational teams in Dieppe, we are looking for two coaches.  We expect to have 5 teams and as of now, we have three coaches confirmed.

If you are thinking of coaching a team or you think that such a coaching experience would interest you, I invite you to communicate with Serge LeBlanc by e-mail ([email protected]) or at 866-9495.


It should be noted that team selection will be made early next week, and should there be no volunteers by Monday noon time, the association will choose the remaining teams, and players won't be able to jump on the ice before someone steps forward to take the team. Do it for the players.


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Serge LeBlanc by e-mail or at 866-9495.

Groups and schedule

Female hockey schedule for the week of October 10th to 15th

The association is looking for coaches for Midget C hockey teams.  If you are interested or are considering it, please indicate your interest to Serge LeBlanc


Midget Curriculum
(Recommended by Hockey Canada and approved by CHCDM)

Core Skills - Midget

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